Online Social Institute Mortgage Loan Rate Calculation: How to Run the Simulation


Are you interested in ex Government Agency financing, would you like to buy your home with the Social Institute mortgage? To evaluate its characteristics, the simplest operation is to perform the Social Institute mortgage installment calculation. Here is what you need to do to receive your repayment plan.

Government Agency Social Institute mortgage simulation: how to do it

Government Agency Social Institute mortgage simulation: how to do it

How to perform the Social Institute mortgage installment calculation? This is a rather simple operation to perform and to be accomplished just use the features present in the Institute’s portal. There are several ways to access the calculation functionality. The most practical involves direct research of the service in question.

All you have to do is locate the search box inside the portal on the homepage of the Social Institute website. The user must type “simulation” and among the results that will appear, he will select the tab called ” Simulation of the mortgage loan amortization plan for civil servants”.

To run the simulation, click on the “Access the service” button, on the desktop simulation service and then on the “Proceed with simulation ” link.

The calculation of the mortgage occurs with respect to several parameters: the type of rate, the duration of the repayment plan, the sum covered by the loan request and the value of the home. The latter element is relevant to fixed rate simulations.

The repayment plan data

A detailed picture of the main characteristics of the repayment plan will therefore be presented. The table shows the various installments, due dates, amounts, the rate applied as well as the principal and interest portion of the individual installment.

It is thus easy to have a global picture of the actual advantages presented by the Social Institute mortgage.

Government Agency mortgage features

Government Agency mortgage features

Once the procedure for calculating the Social Institute mortgage installment has been clarified, we believe it useful to remind you of some essential characteristics of this loan. It is a proposal focused on the first house, from its construction to purchase, through renovation and extraordinary maintenance.

To enjoy this possibility are the workers hired with a permanent contract and the pensioners enrolled in the unitary management of credit and social benefits.

There are two types of rate, the fixed is calculated with respect to the loan to value method while the variable one corresponds to the 6-month Euribor increased by 200 basis points.

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